Quality Assurance at Tabeeb Vascular: Designing Processes for Quality Excellence

Quality is our core value at Tabeeb Vascular. We are dedicated to providing high-quality and safe products to our customers and advancing cardiovascular health in Iran and Southweast Asia.

Our Quality Assurance unit ensures that our products are designed, manufactured, and distributed in compliance with the relevant standards and regulations. We participate in system design and production space construction to create an optimal environment for quality production. We obtain the necessary permits and certificates to demonstrate our adherence to quality and safety requirements.

Quality Control at Tabeeb Vascular: Excellence in Every Step
Quality Control at Tabeeb Vascular: Excellence in Every Step

Our Quality Assurance Unit also monitors and evaluates the production processes to verify their proper implementation and effectiveness. We use various tools and methods to validate the quality of our products, such as DQ, IQ, PQ, and OQ. We also interact with medical centers to perform PMCF and receive feedback on the use of our products. We analyze the data and use it to improve our quality management system and our future plans.
​​​​​​​Tabeeb Vascular is certified by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education and has obtained two ISO 13485:2016 certificates, one from IMQ Italy and another from Iranian National Standards Organization. Tabeeb Vascular also holds a GMP certificate from Iranian National Standards Organization.
Quality is more than a word for us, it is our way of designing and implementing our processes. We always put the customer first and strive for excellence in every process. Quality is our legacy and our promise.