We are Tabeeb Vascular, a leading manufacturer of disposable medical devices for angiography and angioplasty. We are proud to announce that we have obtained the ISO 13485 certification from IMQ and the Iranian National Standards Organization, which demonstrates our commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

IMQ ISO13485 for Tabeeb Vascular
Iranian National Standards Organization ISO13485 for Tabeeb Vascular

Export licenses

Export license is a permit that authorizes us to export our goods to foreign countries. It shows that our products comply with the export regulations and the destination country’s requirements. Export license is important because it helps us access new markets, expand our business, and increase our revenue.

We have export licenses for our products, such as inflator, radial sheath, needle and dual balloon tourniquet. These products are disposable medical devices that are used for various procedures, such as angiography, drug injection, blood sampling, and bleeding control. These products are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials and components, and are tested and certified by reputable national and international organizations, such as the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the Iranian National Standards Organization, the Iranian Food and Drug Administration and the ISO 13485.

By having export licenses, we demonstrate that our products meet the standards and expectations of the global market, and that we are confident and reliable in delivering our products to our customers. We also show that we are committed to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, and that we are constantly seeking new opportunities and challenges in the field of cardiovascular devices. Export licenses are a proof of our trustworthiness and excellence.

Iranian National Standards Organization ISO13485 for Tabeeb Vascular

Export Licence for Tabeeb Radial Compression Devices

Iranian National Standards Organization ISO13485 for Tabeeb Vascular