Guide Catheters provide a pathway through which medical instruments, such as balloon dilatation catheters, guide wires or other therapeutic devices, may be introduced. Tabeeb Guiding Catheter exhibit several key features that enhance their performance during procedures. They are designed with high stiffness, allowing effective navigation through complex or calcified lesions. Additionally, their high-torque design enables precise manipulation, while the special tapered tip improves selectability for opening blocked vessels and supporting guidewire crossing in small and tortuous vessels. The catheter’s radiopaque markers enhance fluoroscopic visualization, aiding in tracking and positioning. Tabeeb Guiding Catheters play a crucial role in minimally invasive cardiac procedures.

Guiding Catheter

،Tabeeb guiding catheter is a advanced medical device used in cardiovascular interventions Tabeeb

Model: Different 
Length:100 cm
Fr Size: 5 & 6

،Tabeeb guiding catheter is a advanced medical device used in cardiovascular interventions Tabeeb

Guiding catheter is made of nylon, which offers kink resistance, optimal surface smoothness, thermal stability at body temperature, and a thin wall design for improved flow rate.

Nylon Material​​​​​​​

Guiding catheter provides good shaft visualization under fluoroscopy, and the tip opacity ensures accurate placement and visualization.


This feature enhances handling and control.

Winged Polycarbonate Hub

Radial angiographic catheter has a wire braid design that provides greater torque for maximum control, improved longitudinal stability, a high degree of maneuverability, and superior pushability.

Wire Braid Design

Radial angiographic catheter​​​​​​​ has excellent tip memory and re-forms accurately time after time.

Tip Designs

Added softness to the performa catheter line enhances patient safety.

Bumper Tip

This feature increases torque, provides greater stability, and offers excellent kink resistance.

Flat Wire Braid

This feature increases strength at the catheter/hub interface.

Strain Relief

​​​​​​​ The catheter is color-coded for easy identification.

Color Coding

We can customize catheters to meet your clinical needs.

Custom Catheters

These features collectively contribute to the catheter’s effectiveness in cardiovascular interventions. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Why Choose Tabeeb Guiding Catheters
​​​​​​​ for Coronary Intervention?

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